An open letter to Campsen, Erickson

Dear S.C. Senator Chip Campsen and S.C. House member Shannon Erickson, I have heard rumblings that some S.C. legislators have talked about seeking a “forensic” audit of the 2020 election – where their Republican candidate WON the state!?

I want you both to know that if such insanity in support of “the lie” went forth, I would strongly support legal action to thwart such insanity. Spending a cent on such an endeavor would not be acceptable and would slander the good efforts of our election officials who conducted an election with integrity.

Likewise any talk of adopting election rules that could be interpreted as suppressive is just not acceptable. Yes, I am a Democrat, but this is not a partisan issue. I hope you folks will steer your colleagues toward the real business of governing. Thank you.

– Tim Dodds, Beaufort

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