We are completely alone

Remember the big story in May about the cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline, one of the largest pipeline operators in the U.S.? The demand for ransom shut down the pipeline for days and caused panic gas buying up and down the East Coast.

Stories are more and more frequent about hackers attacking businesses, local governments, schools, demanding millions and wreaking havoc. You think this is only happening to thebig guys, right?

No. It happened to me.

Recently, hackers disabled my computer and demanded money to make it operational again. In the meantime, while “fixing” it, they installed software in my computer and took over everything in it. I paid the ransom. Now, I have had all their software removed, changed passwords for all financial info, and am opening new bank accounts.

I am retired, living on Social Security and retirement income, and obviously not rich. Know that if it could happen to me, it could happen to you.

Nothing, and I mean nothing that you have on your computer such as virus protection software, etc., will protect you from determined cyber thieves. We need more awareness, law enforcement help and expertise out there. Now, we are completely alone when dealing with this serious threat.

– Terry Gibson, Lady’s Island

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