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Looking forward to Graber’s next column

I wish to congratulate Mr. Scott Graber for the outstanding columns published in The Island News. They all begin with a little fun – where he is, who he’s with, or what he is drinking. It’s different and entertaining.

His writing covers so many different subjects. They are always interesting and educational.

On the rare occasion when politics or policy is addressed, he is able to make his point without verbally attacking those who might disagree.

Mr. Graber has the ability to write about subjects I know nothing about, or at first seem I might not find interesting, and leave me enlightened, amused, or eager to learn more about the subject.

I’ve been reading syndicated and guest OP/ED columns in newspapers since 1965. I can recognize excellent and unique writing when I see it.

On behalf of myself and the many other readers who enjoy his column, I commend him for his exceptional writing. I look forward to finding where he will be next, what he’s sipping, and what’s on his mind!

– Lawrence V. Francese, Beaufort