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Community makes AMIkids fundraising a success

On behalf of AMIkids Beaufort, I want to thank this community and the many friends of AMIkids Beaufort for their amazing support of our canceled 29th croquet picnic fundraiser last month.

Originally scheduled for early May at Brays Island, as we have for almost three decades, we decided to cancel this year’s event due to the coronavirus.

Because this is our primary fundraiser for our local program, I’ll admit we had deep concerns. We asked for “in lieu of croquet contributions” through social and traditional media, and we sent letters to our usual participants, explaining our decision.

It is with deep gratitude that I tell you we have raised more than $90,000 so far this year, just slightly short of what we raised at the croquet picnic in 2019!

That demonstrates an amazing capacity for people to give, and to understand challenges. Thank you, thank you!

AMIkids Beaufort is governed by a local group of volunteers. The program helps young men separate a troubled past from a brighter future. For more information or to make online donations or pledges to continue helping our local mission, visit www.amikidsbeaufort.org.

– John Harris, Chairman, AMIkids Beaufort Board of Trustees