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It’s time for a mask ordinance

Beaufort County and/or all the cities and towns within the county should pass an ordinance compelling all public and private employers to require employees and patrons to wear masks in an effort to slow the spread of covid-19.

Watching the Governor McMaster’s press conference on Friday, June 26 was disturbing. He kept emphasizing the importance of people wearing masks, but when asked what would happen if they did not, his reply was essentially “the cases will continue to increase and more people will die.”

I believe the intent of the reporter’s question was to ask what the governor would do not just to encourage, but to compel mask wearing?

The governor claimed a mask ordinance was not enforceable. Another reporter told him that is what people said when a mandatory seat belt law was considered, and look how many lives that law ended up saving.

The governor said a seat belt law is enforceable while a mask order is not. I do not see the difference being enforceability. In fact, it seems much easier to enforce as people would be more visible and not hidden in their cars.

The governor also pointed out that local governments could legally make their own ordinances. So, Beaufort, let’s take him up on that.

Though countless people have tried to make this a political issue, it is not. It simply isn’t. We know that wearing masks slows the spread. South Carolina is third in the country in terms of rate of increase in cases of covid-19. Our curve is getting steep in this state and this county is one of the hot spots.

People were ANGRY at Beaufort County School District and Superintendent Rodriguez, but he made the SAFE and PROPER choice not to hold in person graduations. I know he is appointed while local officials are elected and must, in good faith, represent and execute the desires of their constituents. But maybe this is even bigger than that. I mean, we know it is.


Estee Williams, Lady’s Island

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