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Lady’s Island Middle School supports its principal

I have taught at Lady’s Island Middle School since we opened the doors of the school in August of 1984. Prior to that, I taught for four years at St. Helena Jr. High. I have lived on St. Helena Island for more than 30 years.

The staff at Lady’s Island Middle School is working hard to provide our students with a safe and positive learning environment. As educators we work tirelessly every day to teach our students through interesting, fun and high-quality learning experiences.

We believe every student has the right to learn in a classroom setting that is friendly, respectful and non-disruptive.

Unfortunately, our students are not quite where they need to be. Sixty-five percent of our students are not on grade level in ELA and Math. That is a fact. The community may not like those numbers – I can assure you we do not either.

Mr. Hall and the staff at Lady’s Island Middle School have taken measures to begin to correct both historically low scores and poor decisions by students at our school. This may be uncomfortable to some, but it is necessary and should be addressed with no further delay.

Complaining on social media does not solve the problem; the problem is solved when school staff, parents and students work together to achieve a common goal. Our goal for our students is to help them grow to be successful in high school and beyond, as well as good citizens and community members.

– Scott Shipsey

Teacher, Lady’s Island Middle School

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