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Vote YES for the school bond referendum

As a parent of a child that is currently in one of the trailers at a Beaufort County School, I am disappointed that there are people in this community that are not willing to pay an extra $10 a month in taxes to ensure that our children have seats in brick and mortar buildings. Children in the mobiles lose valuable instructional time traveling between them and the main building, not to mention the safety concerns associated with those units.

Trailers are a waste of taxpayer’s money and as effective as applying a band aid to a gaping wound. It’s time we support our schools by properly funding them to ensure that all of the students of Beaufort County have a seat within a brick and mortar building.

In addition to providing needed classroom space at overcrowded schools, that $10 a month will also go towards renovating and maintaining the existing school buildings throughout the county, as well as providing safety and technology upgrades at all district schools. Please put the students first and provide them with a safe and acceptable learning environment. Vote YES for the school bond referendum on November 5.

– Stephanie Rossi, Bluffton


Fall back! Spring forward! Why is this still a thing?

There is a national movement called #locktheclock. Currently 40 states are debating the time-change issue. 

It’s about a 50/50 split among the states favoring full-time Daylight Savings time or full-time Standard time. I have been working on this issue for a while now. 

Polls show that a majority of people prefer to stop changing their clocks. That is why I introduced Senate bill 11. My bill will keep South Carolina on Daylight Savings Time. The Senate unanimously passed my bill in March. The House is set to debate it when they return in January. 

When the bill passes, we will still have to wait on Congress to act. Federal law will not allow a state to remain on Daylight Savings time year round. That is why it will literally take an act of Congress for South Carolina to make the switch. 

I hope we will join with Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oregon, Delaware, Utah, Maine and Washington in passing legislation requesting the permanent time change to Daylight Savings time. #ditchtheswitch

– Harvey S. Peeler, Jr.

Peeler is president of the S.C. Senate. He represents District 14 (Cherokee, Spartanburg, Union and York Counties).

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