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School bond referendum important to special ed students

I am a “SPED Mom,” and mother of three children in Beaufort County Schools. Before you make a decision on your support for the School Bond Referendum, I want you to know how the referendum can improve schools for special education students.

– Relieving overcrowding: Part of the referendum package adds classroom space to our most crowded schools. Many people don’t realize that there are caps on the number of children who can be placed in a self-contained Special Education (SPED) class. Depending on the grade and the needs of the students, this can be between five and 12 students. Some classes and programs have had to be moved to other schools, because there weren’t enough classrooms to accommodate the programs. Adding classroom space will allow more kids to attend their neighborhood school.

– Security upgrades: Every school in the district will receive security upgrades that will improve communications systems. In SPED classes, communication between the teachers, assistants and administration are vital. Teachers need to trust that their phones and radios will work reliably when they call for help.

– ADA requirements: Some older schools in our district have not had major renovations in many years. As a result, they don’t meet the most current standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The referendum will fund upgrades to wheelchair accessible doors, larger more accessible restrooms, and accommodations for people with vision and hearing impairments to name a few.

I will be voting yes on November 5 and I hope you will too.

Thank you.

– Lindsay Weller

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