Law enforcement offer tips to keep businesses safe

By Pamela Brownstein
On Tuesday, Oct. 18, at the Hilton Garden Inn on Boundary Street, Beaufort County Sheriff P.J Tanner and Beaufort Police Chief Matt Clancy spoke about crime and how it can affect business.
Both law enforcement officials suggested installing a high quality alarm and camera system. Tanner said, “The technology out there today is tremendous” and that businesses can find a system that fits their needs.
They also recommended testing an alarm periodically to make sure it works, having good outdoor lighting and quality locks on all doors and windows, and keeping bushes and other vegetation trimmed around windows and doors so there is no place for burglars to hide. Tanner said Yucca bushes are good because the thorny plants can also help keep burglars away.
Clancy said that while businesses should take measures not to be easy targets to outsiders, the more common crime is employee theft. With the holiday season coming up, shoplifting and armed robberies are on the rise. Tanner touted the importance for business owners to know their staff and be aware of any internal issues or changes in financial situations among employees. They both suggested using background checks.
Clancy also announced that the Beaufort Police will have a new Community Response Team starting Nov. 1. If a certain kind of crime pops up, the three members of the team will be able to focus on that crime without losing coverage and resources elsewhere in the department.

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