Lady’s Island Notes

By Jim Hicks

Rumor of the Day.  The latest rumor is that Pizza Hut has plans to establish a store in one of the vacant sites in the Food Lion complex.

A Team Effort. Shortly after the opening of the new span of the McTeer Bridge and the amazing response to the pedestrian walkway on the bridge, LIBPA asked Mr. Wendell Mulligan, SCDOT Resident Maintenance Engineer for assistance in maintaining the area at the foot of the bridge that had evolved into an unofficial parking lot. At that time, Mr. Rob McFee, Director of Engineering and Infrastructure for Beaufort County indicated to Mr. Mulligan that Beaufort County was prepared to support an effort to provide basic maintenance for the parking lot.  As could be expected, the high use of the parking area led to a need to improve the entrance and exit which had become a serious hazard. As a team effort, with SCDOT providing the material and Beaufort County Public Works performing the installation, the entrance to the parking lot was recently repaired.  It is so much safer now.  We, on Lady’s Island, fully understand that technically neither of you were required to do this project but, we do so appreciate it.

Another Step Closer to a New Lady’s Island Fire Station.  The Lady’s Island – St. Helena Fire District Commission recently authorized the issuance of a $6 million bond which will provide funding for a new fire station to be located on Lady’s Island Drive.  This bond funding will also pay off all existing debt and purchase two new pumpers, replacing pumpers that are 23 and 25 years old.  It is anticipated the new station will have its grand opening in 2014.

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