Knowledge is power

By Martha O’Regan
I am grateful and humbled by the comments I receive about the thoughts I share in this column. Comments such as “that makes so much sense” or “I’ve always felt that way, but I didn’t know it was real” reflect my intention of bringing clarity and understanding to our greatest resource for health, happiness and success, which is energy, or personal power.
Six years ago, I began learning about the science and techniques behind energy medicine and bio energetic healing, due to my own health challenges. As I began my healing journey, I was excited to share the concepts with every person I bumped into. Despite my enthusiasm and knowledge, when attempting the conversation surrounding the idea that we are all “powerful co-creators of our life experience,” I could see the eyes glaze over or dart to a watch with a “Gee, that’s great … gotta run.”
I have since learned to tone it down but because I believe it to be the most empowering conversation of today. I have never quit sharing, I just became more selective, realizing not everyone was ready for it. As I scan over the last six years of sharing the message and creating a wellness practice around it, I am thrilled to see how large a community we have where this conversation is being shared on a daily basis. I no longer feel alone in the conversation and have found many more who understand what we all innately know — that we as human beings have a far greater capacity for a healthy, vibrant life than we have ever been taught before.
As I begin a conversation with a new practice member, I always say, “I’m not going to tell you anything you don’t already know, I’m just going to give you a working vocabulary and tools on how to apply it.” As the conversation continues, I can see the twinkling of light bulbs flashing on inside with nods of “yea, I know that.” It is in us, it always has been. When we were kids, we were more tuned into it, letting our imagination run wild creating all sorts of adventures.  Eventually, we turned all of that off in exchange for the “struggles of living a productive life.” But it doesn’t have to be that way if we choose it differently.
Start to look at life through the eyes of you as a child and see how ridiculous the “big people” are — running around stressing out over everything, judging every experience as “hard,” struggling to get through each day.  Then just take a deep breath and look at your own life, your own struggles and decide that it doesn’t have to be that way. That shift alone will make a huge impact on your health.
As our community of understanding grows, this conversation is getting easier and more expanded.  Those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired or who are throwing their hands up in surrender to the struggle are creating changes in their perspectives of life and finding their own bliss. I hope by reading this column, you will join our growing community as we continue to learn ways to Live Well … Have Fun!

Therapeutic Solutions: Offering a unique approach to your active health care needs using a variety of healing modalities, nutritional and wellness coaching to empower you to a new state of health and well-being. 73 Sams Point Road, 524-2554.

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