Karate student earns black belt

Congratulations to Noah Westman-Barth for earning his first degree Chun Kuk Do black belt. The test was held on October 27 in North Augusta, SC.

Noah started his journey at Club Karate in 2006, and although he took some time off, he never quit in his pursuit for black belt. Congratulations to his parents, too — they have not only supported him financially, but made the effort to get him to classes two or three times a week. They also encouraged him not to give up.

Front row, at right, is Noah Westman–Barth. Back row, center, is karate instructor Chuck Elias.

When asked how has Chun Kuk Do training has benefited him, Noah said, “It can improve character traits, which could in turn affect many pursuits, such as college, jobs and relationships. My Chun Kuk Do training has benefited me in many ways, including giving me more confidence, self-control and pride. Confidence is probably the most improved of all of these. Simple things like not talking, not getting angry pre-maturely (or not at all), and generally knowing how to act when frustrated can make a huge difference in life.” Noah also suggested don’t wait until test time to practice — start early.

For more information about Club Karate, call 252-7283 or stop by 10 Sams Point Way on Lady’s Island.

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