Kallaher hits 20 year mark at Mama’s Furniture

Brent Kallaher, Manager at Mama’s Furniture recently celebrated his 20th anniversary working in Beaufort. “When I started here in 1996, I never imagined I would last as long as five years, much less twenty. But here I am and enjoying it as much as I did when I first walked through those doors.” Brent continued, “This was a dream come true for me. I was right out of high school and jobs were really hard to find. Did I know anything about furniture back then? Hardly. But today it is hard to stump me. The store offers so many manufacturers that finding the item that is just right for our customer is something we regularly do.”

Jo Stutts, General Manager of Mama’s Furniture, described Brent as “a one-of-a-kind of employee. Whether it is direct sales with a customer or getting us organized and through an inventory audit, Brent does it with charm, grit and a smile on his face.”

Mama’s Furniture opened in 1988 and has been a stable retail outlet in Beaufort since then. Recently, the store celebrated its 100,000th customer. “What a day that was! Imagine, over 100,000 people coming to us to help with their furniture needs. We can pretty much help with whatever anyone needs. And doing it is fun, even after 20 years.”

“Over all these years I have had the great pleasure to meet many of our customers and I have to tell you how satisfying it is to know that 80% of the people who walk through our door are repeat customers or referrals. You don’t find that kind of loyalty many places. It sure makes my job pretty easy.” When asked the hard question of whether he was ready for the next 20 years, Brent’s answer was, “you bet!”

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