Kailos Genetics and Bluffton’s “Teal It’s Gone” to provide affordable hereditary cancer testing

Kailos Genetics, a personalized medicine company offering leading-edge gene-based genetic testing, announced recently that they have entered into a partnership with Teal It’s Gone, a nonprofit organization focused on impacting ovarian and peritoneal cancer through genetic testing to provide reduced cost hereditary cancer screening.

“We want all people to have access to their health information so they can make more informed decisions. We view partnerships like this as an integral part of achieving that goal. As someone who has personally been impacted by genetic testing to identify hereditary cancer, I am especially excited to partner with Kailos Genetics to provide people with affordable genetic testing,” said Katie Maxell, founder, Teal It’s Gone. “Our complementary missions to improve patient health knowledge to positively impact outcomes will enable us to make a bigger impact in people’s lives.”

This agreement enables Kailos and Teal It’s Gone to increase awareness of genetic testing as a tool for early cancer detection and improved treatment options by giving patients access to the Kailos hereditary cancer screening test for as low as $125. This is substantially reduced from standard hereditary cancer screening tests which are offered for upwards of $500.

According to the National Cancer Institute, genetic mutations are thought to play a role in about 5 to 10 percent of all cancers. Identifying these risks early can lead to better outcomes through earlier and more informed treatment plans.

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