Just planting seeds

By Martha O’Regan

In a recent visit with a born and raised Beaufort gentlemen, he said in his stately Southern drawl, “Maaatha, I do enjoy reading your articles (pause); I don’t always understand them, but I do enjoy reading them.” So I replied, “planting seeds, just planting seeds.” I believe he is like many of us, uncertain about how life or our body works, yet curious to know just a little more or to consider a new perspective in our quest for greater love, health and happiness.

In looking back on our life, we can see the many seeds that have been planted along the way that have been instrumental in our growth and evolution; the people, the experiences, the ideas that began small, seemingly insignificant, but ultimately reaped a great harvest of knowledge, courage, compassion and solid loving relationships.   There are also the multitude of seeds that never took hold, were washed away in a tumultuous storm or resulted in an abundance of out of controls weeds that today, still choke our spirit, preventing us from finding the love and joy that we so deeply desire.

Like a garden that began with the tiniest of particles called a seed, we each began as one of the tiniest particles called a cell.  The brilliance packed in those tiny particles knew exactly how to take it from there to create the magnificence that we call a flower or our human self. Both are filled with smaller parts that keep it alive and functioning daily for its survival and enjoyment.

Just as in any garden, our human form takes on a life of its own based on who is or is not tending to it, what the elements are blowing in or out of it, or simply what Mother Nature has provided.  At first, sustaining that garden seems fairly straightforward just needing a little nourishment, hydration and love.  But as it grows, maintaining seems to take more time, money and effort so corners get cut or rough patches get covered up as we intend to pay more attention when we have more time. Then with just a blink, that creation has taken on a life of its own with its unique personality and quirks, attempting to push the boundaries or blaze new trails in an effort  to either thrive or survive, depending on the perspective inside that garden.

If the garden has been ignored due to lack of time and attention, been given improper nourishment or inadequate hydration, no doubt the weeds have taken over or stagnation in growth has occurred.  Some weeds become so entangled, stealing nourishment from other areas or rapidly replicating or re-seeding, thus creating cellular die off or growth of foreign invaders, all disrupting the natural balance that all of nature strives for.

So, how does your garden grow? Is it time to wake up as a responsible steward of our own personal garden? If so, begin by identifying the most out of control weeds or the one with the strongest root system.  Is it chronic worry, inadequate nutrition, lack of motivation, chaos and drama, a dreadful job or a stagnating relationship? Decide which weed to yank out first and what you will replace it with as you begin to envision your vibrantly healthy garden that brings you joy each day.  For example, if your biggest weed is diet beverages, pluck them out and plant the desire to hydrate with more water. Or, maybe it’s time to transplant a few processed foods with natural whole foods, taking care not to overdo here to avoid exhaustion.  If your weed is procrastination or lack of motivation, commit to caring for one area of your garden every day;  an area that brings you pleasure and desire in caring for, for no other reason than because you enjoy it, not out of guilt or because someone else wants you to.  Before you know it you will begin to admire your garden from within as you pluck worry and plant trust, shuck chaos and nurture calm, and yank dread and spread gratitude, all because it’s yours and you choose what grows in it. Happy Weeding and Seeding!

Live Well….Have Fun!

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