Just Go With the Flow

By Martha O’Regan


You’ve heard the phrase “just go with the flow” but have you ever stopped to feel what it means to you?

We know that everything in all of creation is energy: energy is always flowing, and energy is either attracting or repelling other energies. So, let’s look at life like a flowing river with some days running faster or more chaotic than others.  If we continually face that river by going against it, we’ll get tired and cranky. But if we just go with it while navigating the obstacles with grace and ease, we can actually enjoy the ride. Sounds easy enough, but what about those rocks that we get slammed up against, the wrong turns or the roots that come out of nowhere to snag us?  Let’s consider that maybe we attracted those rocks and roots into our life, to slow us down, to teach us not to go that way or to show us what is getting in the way of a more enjoyable ride. What if we truly create our reality?

Remember that we are energy beings having a physical experience and that every thought, word and deed is an energy that is either expansive or contractive, attracting or repelling, high frequency or low frequency, etc.  Therefore, energetically, we have the ability to manage every second of every day just by the choices we make in our perception of that moment.  To simplify neuroscience, if a thought or action is negative, it has a contractive, low vibratory frequency.  Conversely, positive thoughts or actions are expansive, high frequency energies.

We are each an assortment of such frequencies based on our entire life experience.  Every experience that has ever occurred is stored in our brain with a feeling and correlating frequency that we put on it in the moment. We know that often, a single experience can create multiple perceptions based on what each person brings to the situation.  Each person stored the same experience, yet under different files that could be anything from fear to gratitude. Our perceptions are based on the structures and beliefs that were formed early on and, contrary what others may say, are never wrong.  They may not resonate with the energy of your structure and belief, but beliefs are never wrong. We have been so programmed to judge everything as right or wrong, good or bad, and want others to share the same belief.  But the fact is, energetically, every experience is neutral or “just is” until we put a judgment on it. Once we judge it, we attach a frequency to it and it gets stored in our mind for future reference.  Even if we never consciously retrieve it, it continues to put out a frequency.

Let’s imagine that individually, we are dialed into our own personal radio station based on the multitude of frequencies that we are made up of.  That radio station emits a frequency that attracts people and experiences of like frequencies, i.e. friends, the phone call from someone you recently thought about, an inspiration, etc.   Likewise, those who are not “dialed in” are repelled or are harder to attract, i.e. enemies, financial freedom, the job that you really wanted, etc. Maybe life isn’t a coincidence after all.

There is a beautiful symphony always playing out in the universe (one song) and we are each a part of its harmony.  The more often we can choose to “just be” in or find the good or the lesson in each experience, the more we can just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.  You decide.  Live Well … Have Fun!


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