Just browsing II: Eyebrow tips to live by


By Takiya Smith
Last week we took a look at the importance of eyebrows and how they frame and shape our faces.  Our brows enhance our natural features and can even offer a spectrum of looks from bold and flashy to demure and chic.  Finding the perfect shape and angle of your natural brow can be a simple task when equipped with accurate knowledge.
In order to achieve a brow shape that compliments your facial structure the use of a plain Khol eyeliner pencil and a well-lit bathroom vanity will suffice.  Standing in the mirror, take a good look at the present shape of your brows and using your eyeliner pencil, mark a small spot to reflect where they begin, arch and end.  Now, holding the eyeliner pencil at a forty-five degree angle, line it up with the outer corner of your eye so that it meets the eyebrow.  This area, known as the tail, marks where you eyebrow should end.  Be sure to mark a spot on this area to see the difference in your original placement.
Next, holding the pencil at a ninety degree angle, place it directly in front of your eye near the outer corner of your iris.  This marks the appropriate position of the arch, which varies individually.  Lastly, still holding the pencil at a ninety degree angle, move it to the inner corner of your eye and place it against the skin to line up with the beginning of the brow, known as the bulb
Taking a step back, observe the previous markings compared to the latter.  If your brows are pretty much within the confines of each other, you have already won half the battle to achieving superb brows.  If your markings are too far apart, consider following these cues to achieve a look that works best for you.  Next week we will discuss the use of brow powders, pencils, waxing and threading, which are all enhancements and services that can assist in maximum definition.

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