It’s time to enjoy the colors of spring

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By Lee Scott

There is a strange transition taking place in my clothes closet right now. It happens each year. I discover that my black slacks and navy tops have migrated to the back of the closet and have been replaced with white pants and pastel colored capris. It always starts as a subtle change. I open up my closet and instead of my dark blue and brown dresses worn during the past few months, I begin to see the yellow, pink and green cotton dresses ready to be brought out. The winter clothes are somehow forgotten and the wool sweaters worn during January and February which were so important then are packed away as the cotton sweaters suddenly appear. Who knows what happened to my gloves that were only used a couple of times over the winter? My leather boots are lost in the back of the closet as the open toe shoes and sandals miraculously appear. It is actually fun to discover some summer clothes sitting in shopping bags, undoubtedly purchased at some year-end sale. Of course, to make room, I am required to give away the outfits that I have not worn in years. Even my husband starts rummaging around looking for short pants as the thermometer moves up. And the LL Bean fleece jackets he wears in the winter have disappeared.

This closet transition typically co-insides with the spring equinox which comes on March 20th. The equinox coupled with the daylight savings time change means that we get more of that South Carolina sun in the evening to warm us up and as we shed our coats and uncover our pale winter skin we put away our long sleeved shirts and put on our t-shirts. Even the straw hats hanging on hooks all winter are coming out of the closet as I am reminded of the strong southern sun.

Then of course, Easter time brings its own colors and the decorated eggs seem to reflect the colors of the clothes that are coming out of my closet. Light green shirts and pastel blue slacks are not just for golfers now. Even the grass in our yard is shedding its winter browns and coming up a nice colorful green. So go ahead ladies, take out those Lily dresses. Men, put on those pastel colored slacks. Spring is here. Enjoy all those colors.

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