It’s all perfect, just not always pleasant

By Martha O’Regan

Since everything in all of creation is created in perfection, then everything is perfect, right?  Right!  It’s all perfect … even when it isn’t pleasant. I know, right? Not so easy (until it is) to wrap your brain or your life around that one, is it? Everything, including each one of us, is created in perfection by design and function by a power far greater than our own, therefore everything that occurs in nature, our body and our lives must be perfect. But, what about the imperfect world we live in with the politics, crime, economy, illness and tragedies? Yep, perfect! Just not always pleasant.

Many folks get stuck on the word perfect because as a culture of contradiction we are driven to try to become the perfect kid, student, spouse, teacher, employee, employer, etc., right alongside the age old belief that “no one is perfect.” And thanks to Martha Stewart, we have those overachievers who try to exceed perfectionism in everything they do while looking perfect doing it.

In an earlier time, I was a practicing perfectionist, until I heard that perfectionists are actually im-perfectionists in that they judge everything as not being good enough … ouch! Now my house is perfect with the “lived in” look surrounded by the “natural” growth in my yard.

When it comes to our body and our health, since we are designed in perfection, every sign and symptom is a perfect response to one or more things such as bacteria or virus, an injury, a toxin, a lifestyle choice, or some other interference that interrupts the function of our original design. This is where the “not so pleasant” part comes in because it is hard to grasp the idea that a headache or back pain or an illness is actually perfect.  But when we can come to terms with that concept, it becomes easier to dig in without judgment, and bring it back around to find our strength to grow and heal. We can move out of the “this happened to me” mentality into “this happened for me” to wake up and do things differently than I was doing before the symptom or illness occurred. This is the power of perfection.

Now, what about life and all that is happening in our world?  Our individual brains can’t begin to comprehend the vastness of the perfection of what is happening globally when we see storms take out tens of thousands and leveling entire towns or countries or an economy that leaves innocent folks homeless while creating wealth for others. But in these microcosms of folks, no doubt there is growth, strength and community healing, like no other that we can comprehend.  And when life hits us personally and locally with a tragic accident, murder, suicide, divorce or loss of a child, have you noticed how people come out of nowhere to offer support with a meal, childcare or a simple hug?  As the days, weeks and months go by we marvel at the courage of those affected the hardest as they begin to heal and find a new way for living under brand new circumstances. This is the power of perfection.

I invite you to begin to see everything that occurs in your daily life experience through the lens of Divine perfection without judgment of being good or bad, right or wrong, but rather the idea that it is just what happened “for” me not “to” me. Allow yourself a few seconds to take a deep breath to cultivate an empowered response, a creative solution or a conscious decision to simply do nothing at all. Avoiding the victim trap or the over-reaction response actually saves time and energy by not having to dig ourselves out of another pit. But if you do fall in, it’s perfect. How do we know? Because it is exactly what happened! And there will be many more opportunities to try again.

Live Well … Have Fun!

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