‘It’ really is quite simple

By Martha O’Regan

It seems that the more “civilized” we become, the more we complicate the basic foundation of all human existence.  I have been writing for the last year and a half about “it” and how “it” applies to our health, relationships and overall life experience. I have referenced “it” as neurological, psychological, emotional and mental; I’ve used “it” to simplify quantum physics, law of attraction, and the autonomic nervous system and how “it” applies to our everyday lives. The more I learn, the more simple and basic “it” becomes in my day to day and I can’t help but want to share ways to manage “it” with others. What is “it”?

The “it” is energy.  Every single thing that we can touch or see is energy.  Every thought, word and deed we put into the universe is energy. We learned about protons, neutrons and electrons in eighth grade science, passed the multiple guess tests and moved on, unimpressed. Yet “it” is the basic foundation of everything in all of creation, and until recent years and the study of neuroscience, “it” was treated much differently. “It” was weird, “woo woo” or, my all time favorite, “new age.”

As a Bio Energy practitioner, I frequently hear things like, “I don’t know how it works or why it works, I just know it works” or “It seems you hardly did anything and I feel better.” What I am doing is re-aligning the energies of mind, body and spirit, so the power that created the body can heal the body — it is that simple because we are created that simply. Power, light, sound, vibration, and frequency all mean the same thing: Energy.  Once you connect with even the idea of energy and how it works within and around us, the more in touch and in awe you become with the Power of all of Creation. There is only one power, which I call God.  That power is both the foundation and catalyst to every action in the entire universe. That same power is the power that divided a single cell into 2, into 4, into 16 to grow your spine, brain, heart and kidneys to become you. It is the same energy that runs your body and your life with or without your efforts.

By design, the power around us is constantly trying to connect with the power within us, but too often “we” get in the way. The “we” is the ego, our conscious mind, the thing that thinks it’s in charge, giving us its opinion on everything. We limit or slow down that power through judgments, grudges and upsets — thinking that “we” know what is “right” or “wrong.” Once we surrender to the idea that “we” are not in charge and begin allowing that power to flow into us, to be used in service to others or connected with the planet, we begin to heal and find the gratitude and joy that has been missing in our lives.  That is the power in charge.

To simplify it even more, science tells us that the bio energetic frequency of the human heart is the same frequency of the invisible energy swirling all around us which is the same frequency as love.  Energy=God=Love=God=Energy.  Can’t you just visualize Einstein and Jesus hanging out sharing theories and parables, only to kick back and agree that “Yep, it’s all love and love is all that is.”

It’s just that simple, albeit not always easy … until it is. Let’s make it easy in 2013. Live Well … Have Fun!

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