It is one thing to dance in the waves


By Cherimie Crane Weatherford

Taking precious moments away from the chaos that is assisting in the revitalization of a community and venturing into the social realm the weekend brought about an interesting perspective. Instead of allowing my battered brain a sweet reprieve, I found a pep in the steps of my sweet seaside town. Seemingly the clouds have dissipated, the smoke has cleared and the scent of scorched dreams linger only downwind as the word recession finds itself amongst terms less used. Only a short while has passed since my fingers danced atop worn out keys feigning Pollyanna optimism while most were running from a sky certain to fall. Businesses closed, property foreclosed and gray vastly became the new black and white as most tried desperately to cling to a fading, more gentle time of plenty. It was a grand recession indeed.

Rising from the mud and the muck, we have mended our wounded and are marching confidently into better days. A particular fondness for a certain degree of uncomfortable change is engrained in our Southern psyche, without the occasional regal boat rocking, we get unspeakably stale. We are the masters of recovery. Our rise after the fall is so well rehearsed I often wonder if we trip on purpose with the hopes of showcasing our enlightened charms. We often burn our lawns to produce greener grass, do we not?

Our stride is quickened, our gait is proud and our watering holes, once again have an hour to be happy. Less desirable chatter lends way to jovial banter of more successful chapters ahead. Real estate circles are once again polished and poised as an industry of survivors stake their claim in a market more appealing than recent past. We glance over our shoulder at years of walking uphill with a sense of strength and hope. Our bootstraps were pulled, our breath held and our scars well earned. An unmistakable opportunity to rise, to succeed and to allow moments of frivolity are once again upon us. How we have missed frivolity.

It is my humble hope that our memory, although undoubtedly romanced, is not too terribly short. Cautionary celebration, strategic growth and learned lessons make for a more picturesque revival. As all Beaufortonians know, it is one thing to dance in the waves, but it is always wise to watch the tide.

Cherimie Crane Weatherford, owner of SugarBelle boutique, Celadon Real Estate Broker and observer of all things momentous and mundane lives on Lady’s Island with her golfing husband, dancing toddler and lounging dogs.

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