Island Notes

By Jim Hicks

A blended community.  The recent agreement between the City of Beaufort and a property owner as to the type of development authorized on a portion of the island serves as a reminder to Lady’s Island residents that “government wise” ours is a blended community in which cooperation and coordination is necessary. Lady’s Island consists of 13,579 acres. The city of Beaufort has annexed 1,043 acres on Lady’s Island.  There are an additional 1,720 acres that are contiguous to the annexed property that could, under South Carolina law, also be annexed into the City upon request of the property owners.

Similarities of professions. As the school district struggles to establish a budget for another school year one cannot help but notice the similarities between those that chose to enter the religious ministry and those that became school superintendents.  Both professions are accepted as noble, worthwhile and serving a valuable role in the community.  Both must depend on a variety of sources for their funding and periodically must “solicit additional funds”.  Both professions have high educational and experience standards but everyone appears to be blessed with the knowledge of how their job could be accomplished. The objectives of both professions receive vocal support from the public in general but sadly rank near the top of the list for “belt tightening” measures when the economy takes a nose dive.  To all of our local religious leaders, school superintendent and educators thank you for your dedication to your professions and your important contribution to our community.

An example for us all.  As you travel toward the air station on Highway 21 there is a large sign with a picture of LIBPA member Robert DeLoach along with the phrase “60 years of engineering excellence.” The sign is an appropriate gesture by Beaufort Engineering Services to highlight the contributions Mr. DeLoach has made to this community.  He completed his first career of 37 years as an engineer at the Parris Island Recruit Depot, was one of the original founders of Beaufort Engineering Services and as the LIBPA representative coordinated the design of Sams Point Road when it was widened.  It should be noted he has no plans for retirement.

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