Island Girls give back

Gifts collected at Island Girls Night Out hosted by Modern Jewelers are donated to children of the Neighborhood Outreach Connection program

By Molly Ingram

The Island News and Modern Jewelers asked the participants of the December Island Girls Night Out to donate toys for children ages 3-10 who participate in the Neighborhood Outreach Connection (NOC) programs at both the Marsh Pointe and Parkview apartment complexes here in Beaufort. Both of these residential settings offer after-school learning opportunities to almost 70 low-income or poverty level children.

Betty Davis and I with The Island News joined Dr. Narendra Sharma, Chairman, and John Leadem, Program Manager, of NOC in helping Santa deliver the wonderful presents to the children last week. Each child, lined up by youngest to oldest, and then got to choose any toy or item that was on the table. One young man was so excited to get some Lego’s that he had never had before that he gave Betty Davis a big hug as a thank-you. Others were more shy as they hugged their new gift tightly to their chest.

For me personally, this is what Christmas is all about. Modern Jewelers and The Island News want to thank all of our many Island Girls’ for being so generous at this holiday season. It meant a great deal to a lot of local children. And to me.

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