Is someone poking your Zen Bubble?

By Martha O’Regan

Is someone poking your Zen bubble? If so, give yourself permission to simply declare that your “Zen Bubble” is yours and others are not allowed to poke on it, squeeze it, stomp on it or push it into a corner — it is yours to protect at all costs. Inside that “Zen Bubble” is the home to your mind, body and spirit that are designed to work together harmoniously, as long as there are no interferences from within or “out with”

Martha O'Regan of TheraVista.
Martha O’Regan of TheraVista.

negative influences.

Our “Zen Bubble” is the energy field or aura that surrounds each one of us, both individually and collectively, when connected as a family, a team, a class, or as united spectators at a concert or sporting event. It tends to extend farther in front and above us and is always changing based on our personal thoughts and emotions as well as those around us. It can’t be seen by most, but it is measurable and able to be photographed with special Kirlian photography. Our physical health and well being is often a reflection of what is happening in the field around us. When we are surrounded with love and support, our field can be intertwined with the cohesive positive energy of love and we feel good. Conversely, when in the presence of discontent and upset, the field gets compressed, giving us feelings of anxiety, agitation, tension or “nervous stomach.”

The auric field is highly sensitive to its surroundings. For example, have you ever been at a function where a stranger enters and, for no obvious reason, you are instantly drawn to that person? They have an attractable energy field that connects to yours and pulls you in. The opposite can be true when you enter a space where an argument has just occurred or, for no apparent reason, you just get the weebie jeebies. Your field is immediately squeezed and may be repelling you from the perceived “danger” it senses.  Or, maybe you are walking in the woods and instinctively put your hand up to push a way a branch that you sensed before you saw.  Or, you have the music cranked up while busy on a project but able to sense that someone walked in a room even though you didn’t hear them.

A great way we like demonstrate someone’s energy field is to use a pair of wire coat hangers like a dowsing rod — really, it works. We have the person just stand there being themselves, then think of something that is frustrating and then about something that brings about joy. The field changes instantaneously, compressing for negative patterns and expanding for positive ones. We then have that person think of a goal they are working on and find the distance of the field. Two groups are then asked to take turns standing behind that person, one group simply thinking “I support you” without even knowing the person or the goal and the other group thinking about something that frustrated them that day. The edges of the field will exponentially expand or contract depending on positive or negative support demonstrating the effects of others fields in the presence of our own. They can either squeeze our dreams or help us fly, depending on their field in that moment.

We all have the capacity to alter any given moment for ourselves and others depending on the field of thoughts and emotions that we carry within and around our own personal Zen Bubble. Use it to check in and feel what you feel. Do you feel open or tight around the heart/chest area? Are you able to speak with ease or do you suddenly get a “frog” in your throat? These are our built-in indicators of whether we are surviving or thriving in that moment.

So, next time someone is poking your Zen Bubble, simply breathe deeply and expand your bubble with a positive thought or by thinking the word “love.”  You don’t have to send the person love, you are simply expanding your field in an effort to have the other person move on or help shift their energy. Give it a try.

Live Awake … Have Fun!

Martha O’Regan is Your B.E.S.T. Life Coach offering a unique approach to assisting you in creating the life you choose. Call her at 843-812-1328 or email theravista@gmail.com.

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