I’m totally falling …

By Takiya Smith

Fall is officially upon us, and if the crisp, cool breeze blowing amongst the serene backdrop of blazing autumn colors isn’t enough to spike your winter wordrobe, then the clickety-clack of boots galore should just about do it for you.  I, personally, since about the second week of summer, have awaited this very moment to break out my favorite pair of edgy, yet elegantly chic, over-the-knee leather boots.  Let’s face it ladies, because as wonderful as the warmth of sun-kissed skin feels, you can only go so far, fahsionably, with sandals, flip-flops and Maxi dresses.  Fall, for many, marks the beginning of a fashion fanfare that allows a story to unfold.
A cropped denim jacket mixed with a casual, flirty skirt paired over opaque tights make for an ecclectic ensemble, while a cozy cashmere scarf under a sporty trench or trendy peacoat adds flair and style to any girl’s closet.  Layers of mock tee’s, soft sweaters and a business blazer can jazz up a plain, old pair of jeans, complete when tucked inside a stylish pair of boots.  The possibilites truly are endless to mixing and matching a fall/winter wordrobe and the limitations are that there are none.  I’m a firm believer that fashion has no boundaries, however, there are a few rules.
No fab, fall fashionista would find herself complete without the institution of a new color palette as well.  Makeup, unknown to most, changes with the seasons as well, just as our skin tones and textues do.  The cooler, harsher winds leave our skin dry, wind-chaffed and chapped so the best protection is maximum coverage foundation and skin replenishing moisturizers.  Routine facials during the winter can aide in keeping skin soft, supple and hydrated as well.  Fall colors, such as deep plums, rich chocolates, and royal blue hues hit the runways swiped over eyes, lips, cheeks and fingernails.  Not to be left out, hair is at its best when the sizzling, sweaty days of summer make way for the uncomplicated, comfortable temperatures that wisk in with the winter.  Long gone are the frizzy and frazzled, humidity taunted locks, but what now emerges are high, tight and polished ponytails, luscious and lengthy curls and bed head hair that actually looks as if you paid a fortune for it.
To the summer, I say, until we meet again but for now, I’m totally “falling.”

Takiya Smith, Beautique Lash & Brow. Master Lash & Brow Stylist, CPCP www.blb-boutiques.com

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