If you love something, can you ever really let it go?

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By Pamela Brownstein

Three years ago, when my husband accepted a new job in Charleston, I was not jumping for joy. The idea of leaving Beaufort, which had been my home for more than 10 years, seemed impossible. How could I move from a place that I loved so much?

This beautiful little Southern city where I bought my first house, fell in love, got married and had two kids holds such a special place in my heart, it felt like everything I cared about was being ripped into little pieces and thrown into the wind.

I didn’t want to leave my friends, and I especially didn’t want to leave my position as editor of The Island News because I loved my job and the people I met and what the paper meant to the community.

But, I knew I had to start a new chapter in a new town with my little kids and I had to say good-bye to my dream job that let me work from home and write columns and design pages and pursue my passion for community journalism. I was introduced to so many amazing stories about people who care so much about Beaufort, and it was hard to give up such a rewarding position.

Fortunately, Mount Pleasant, where I currently reside, is still part of the Lowcountry and not far from Beaufort. We still come to visit and I still keep in touch with so many great friends from Beaufort, thanks to social media, and try to keep up on current events.

The most recent editor of The Island News, Sally Mahan, is a good friend of mine. She is a talented editor and journalist who decided to move closer to her family in the Midwest. I was sad to see her leave, on a personal and professional level.

It is in her absense that I find myself returning to this role that I loved so much, even if only temporarily. With the new year, and new things ahead for the paper, I feel fortunate to be a part of the community again and to reconnect with the people and events that make Beaufort such a wonderful place to live. 

I look forward to hearing from you: contact theislandnews@gmailcom.

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