I will give you something to do!

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By Lee Scott

When I was a child and had the nerve to say “I am bored” to my mother, she would respond, “No problem, I will give you something to do.” Now this is something you never want to hear your mother say because her idea of having something to do meant doing chores. Folding laundry, vacuuming the living room, or polishing furniture were always top on her list of things. Consequently, I learned early to avoid ever saying “I’m bored.” And living here in Beaufort, I have discovered there is absolutely no reason for me to be bored because there are so many things going on all the time. Especially now with the incredible warm weather which has provided us the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors longer.

For instance, Hunting Island State Park, which is fifteen miles east of Beaufort, is a natural treasure that can keep you busy. Living close by, I have discovered multiple ways to spend the day there especially when it is not a high tourist season. You can fish, walk the beach, bird watch or just follow the trails. You can enjoy a tour of the Lighthouse or if you just cannot get unhooked from the internet, there is complimentary Wi-Fi. If you have dogs, you can take them to the park (on a leash) and there is a playground available for children too. For people with boats, the public boat ramp is available and if you are lucky enough to own a horse, you can apply for a permit during December, January and February to take your horse to the park.

Another place to go is the Henry C. Chamber Waterfront Park in downtown Beaufort. Just walking down along the waterfront and seeing the boat traffic is amazing. Then you can eat an ice cream cone or drink a cup of coffee which makes the walk even more fun. There is a park at one end for the children to play and swings along the waterfront for adults too. This is a great spot to take your dogs for a walk with the plentiful dog poop disposal stands to ensure a cleaner park.

So, there you have it. Are you bored? I will give you something to do! Now you have no excuse. Put down that laundry and turn off the vacuum cleaner. Time to enjoy yourself.

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