I am my sister’s keeper

By Takiya Smith
This past week, let alone this past year, has taught me a very valuable lesson regarding my love towards others. This past holiday season brought closure to particular relationships but opened pathways to newfound ones that I am certain will immensely impact my life forever. The foundation of these relationships, whether negative or positive, are all based upon trust and it is with great conviction that I continue to move forward and learn to trust.
As women, when we think about our relationships in regard to marriage, friendship and even courtship, the bottom line is that if there is no trust, we have nothing.  How can one be a friend and even receive a friend if there is no foundation of trust?  Personally, I am not saying that we should skip along in life, trusting every Jane, Judy and Jaonne that comes along, but we have to begin to open our eyes and our hearts to know when people, as well as ourselves, can be trusted.
Our first and foremost relationship of trust comes from within. My morning routine often starts out with time spent in the mirror doing my hair and make up.  It is always during these intimate and quiet moments of preparation that I am given Godly inspiration and direction regarding my writing these articles. Ironically enough, the person that He is speaking about is the one standing, staring right at me from the mirror. Through this gentle and guiding process of wisdom shared, I have learned to listen to His cues regarding the areas of my life that are flawed and need to be smoothed out. Writing has become such an unknown passion to me and through this venue, hopefully, I am able to touch the hearts of the women of Beaufort County, and one day the world.
In the mirror, I have learned that beauty encompasses the multitudes and seeks to embrace the masses. When we, as women, can begin to take a look at ourselves first, we can zero in on our flaws and extract them, then we can learn to trust. From trust, empowerment is founded, and from empowerment encouragement is extended. When encouragement is extended, we then become our sister’s keeper and our sisters keep us.
(Please note my apologies regarding an informational error in last weeks article, “Bling in the New Year.” Eye Candy Lash & Inspirational Studio is now Eye Candy Lash & Brow and was established in August of 2010 with a grand re-opening in October 2011.)

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