Holy Trinity’s Smith accepts appointment to US Naval Academy


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Trey Thomas Smith, a graduating senior at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School, has accepted an appointment to the United States Naval Academy.

“The Naval Academy looks for students who are well-rounded. They want students who can think with the scholars, compete with the athletes, and, of course, serve with the military,” Smith, who excelled in academics and athletics, said in a release from the school. “I do not say this to brag on my own character, because I certainly could not have gained acceptance on my own. Praise God for His work in my life and for my parents making me go to Holy Trinity! As a Classical Christian School, Holy Trinity’s focus on all-around development—mental, physical, and spiritual — has done a great job preparing me to be a student at USNA and for the challenges I will face as an adult. I hope I am the first of many Holy Trinity Midshipmen to come!”

This year, Smith was recognized by the College Board as a Rural and Small-Town Scholar. This National Recognition Program grants students’ academic honor based on exceptionally high SAT scores.

In order to be considered for appointment to the United States Naval Academy, students must complete a rigorous nine-step application/admissions process that includes seeking a formal “nomination” from either a member of the U.S. Senate or a member of the U.S. House of Representatives along with academic transcripts, college entrance exams, fitness assessments, and medical evaluations.

“The US Naval Academy is a highly-selective, prestigious four-year university that accepts just 9 percent of those who apply — a similar figure to Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Rice, and Northwestern,” according to the Naval Academy’s website (USNA.edu). “In addition to the fact that 91 percent of applicants are ultimately rejected, high school students seeking admittance into the USNA also need to understand that they face a different type of admissions maze than encountered by applicants to other uber-selective universities.”

“I am so proud of Thomas and thankful for his time here at Holy Trinity. I have witnessed him grow and flourish over the past four years,” Rev. Chad E. Lawrence, founding Headmaster of Holy Trinity, said. “Of all that I could say about him perhaps most striking to me is his willingness to step into new areas such as auditioning for a lead part in a theater production — which is both refreshing and inspiring. His leadership will be sorely missed here at Holy Trinity but will serve our nation for years to come. We at Holy Trinity stand behind him and look forward to hearing how God uses him.”

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