History with Holly

By Michael Graves
On Easter Sunday morning 1970, a bad hail storm hit Beaufort and the Sea Islands. The “golf ball” sized hail stones broke out many windows on cars, churches, businesses and homes. Our home on Lady’s Island only had one window to get totally busted out. It happened to be the one over my bed. Luckily for me, I had gotten up during the night and was in my parents’ bed when the storm hit. When I went into my room the next morning, my bed was covered with broken glass and hail stones. Some of the big pieces of glass were stuck into the mattress. My parents said they didn’t know what made me come into their room that night, but were sure glad that I did, and so was I.

This moment in Beaufort’s history is an excerpt from the book “Beaufort … Then and Now,” an anthology of memories compiled by Holly Kearns Lambert. Copies of this book may be purchased at Beaufort Book Store. For information or to contribute your memory, contact Holly at lowcountrymemories@hotmail.com or beaufortmemories@gmail.com.

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