History with Holly

By Kim Madlinger Dempsey
During the late 1950s and early 1960s, we lived on Lafayette Street. It was a neighborhood filled with families that were close friends of ours. I have two distinctive memories of the years spent there as a child. A memory that was not so pleasant was the time spent cleaning up moss and branches after Hurricane Gracie blew through Beaufort. I remember getting many yellow jacket stings!
However, my favorite memory of time spent growing up on Lafayette Street was getting to ride my bicycle to Ma Miller Mads grocery store and purchasing penny candy. Mrs. Miller had a big glass display case with boxes and jars filled with candy. It was always a treat to pedal down there and choose some. A quarter went really far in those days and you were able to arrive back home with a paper sack filled with candy!

Beaufort Then & Now: This moment in Beaufort’s history is an excerpt from the book “Beaufort … Then and Now,” an anthology of memories compiled by Holly Kearns Lambert. Copies of this book may be purchased at Beaufort Book Store. For information or to contribute your memory, contact Holly at lowcountrymemories@hotmail.com or beaufortmemories@gmail.com.

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