Tray of Smokey Beet Reubens and Sweet Potato Wraps

Herban Marketplace offers an organic punch to lunch

Owner Greta Lynne and Chef Anya Chase believe in progress over perfection

By Wendy Nilsen PollitzerLunch Bunch-Herban Marketplace Logo

The Lunch Bunch had the pleasure of dining at Herban Marketplace, located at 1211 Newcastle Street in the former location of SuZara’s. Herban Marketplace is Beaufort’s premier all-organic and all-natural grocery store that is now serving lunch.

While the initial store concept was to be a juice and smoothie bar, owner Greta Lynne realized early on that much more was needed in the Beaufort area to satisfy the growing interest in organic foods and natural, eco-friendly products. She was, in fact, driving out of town on a regular basis herself to purchase organic produce and groceries.

After this epiphany, Greta decided to expand the original idea from smoothie bar to “marketplace” where organic produce and products would take center stage in a hip, upbeat and friendly atmosphere.

And now, with the location change that included a commercial kitchen, Greta had the opportunity to expand her services and offer lunch. She hired Anya Chase, and together, they are creating a place to help Beaufortonians on a path to better health.Anya is currently experimenting with a menu and offering organic soups, salads, wraps, sandwiches and more Tuesday through Saturday from 11am-2pm. She created a special Lunch Bunch-Chef Anya Chase and Owner, Great Lynnemenu just for the Lunch Bunch, and we were beyond impressed with her culinary talent. Maura Connelly assisted with serving and promptly brought an interesting appetizer to the table…watermelon radishes. They had a unique flavor that combined a fresh twist of the sweetened summertime favorite with the crisp texture of the edible root. They didn’t last long on the table.

We were then given a choice between two soups: a chicken and dumpling and lentil.  Both were exceptional and gave us just enough nutrients and satisfaction to yearn for more. Maura then served each of us a trio of salads: a cumin and lime black bean salad; a cauliflower couscous prepared with purple cabbage, carrots, dried cranberries and walnuts topped with turmeric dressing; and a chickpea salad accented with dried cranberries and walnuts with a dairy free vegenaise dressing. Each of us in this week’s Lunch Bunch had a favorite, so it’s safe to say that all of the salads were exceptional.

Greta and Maura then brought out a tray of two types of sandwiches: the Smokey Beet Reuben prepared with Alderwood Smoked Salt, homemade Thousand Island dressing, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut; and the Sweet Potato Wrap filled with a sweet potato mash that included chipotle hummus, roasted red peppers, and shredded carrots wrapped in a Lavash flatbread. Both entrees were delectable, and we were equally impressed with the different selections. I personally love beets, so the Reuben was my favorite. Deb, on the other hand, loves sweet potatoes; so we disagreed on our preferred sandwich. Regardless of your taste, you won’t be disappointed.  We finished our healthy meal with a pomegranate non-dairy ice cream dessert, which was accompanied with an almond cookie. Talk about a punch to lunch! It cleansed the palette and put a calming finishing touch on an energizing lunch.

The high nutrient, low calorie meal was incomparable to anything I’ve had in Beaufort. Greta and Anya both believe in clean food and appreciate healthy progress over perfection. Greta refers to her customers as “seekers,” those searching for a healthy alternative. She wants to answer the community’s needs and provide for her holistic patrons. With the inclusion of lunch, Herban Marketplace’s “seekers” can now experiment with delicious healthy alternatives without having to prepare the meals themselves. Whether they’ve been engaging in an organic lifestyle for some time, or just trying it out, Anya’s preparations will inspire you to live better by eating better. Thank you Greta, Anya and Maura for helping us learn more about organic living. I was truly inspired.

Herban Marketplace is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. For more information about their products, classes and daily lunch menus, please call (843) 379-5550 or visit them at www.herbanmarketplace.com.

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