Health Tip of the Week – Never diet again

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By Ian Hart

The word diet usually has a negative connotation. Diets also never really work long-term. A diet is usually a short-term fix that is perpetuating an issue of the mind. This issue is that we do not do the right things for our bodies on a regular basis, therefore, we need a quick fix because we’ve gone down the wrong path. A lifestyle change is what is needed to create long-term results. A lifestyle change means that we have changed how we think and how we feel about ourselves in relation to the foods we eat. So, in a nutshell, if you never want to diet again, change your thoughts and feelings about yourself and the food that you eat. It is easier said than done because people can be addicted to certain foods and created bad habits over year and years which is hard to reverse. Try this one simple tip: every time you’re about to eat, ask yourself 2 questions:

– Is this food nourishing to my body?


– Will it make me feel good?

Then think about every single bite you put into your mouth and nothing else and focus on chewing the bite at least 20 times. This is called mindful eating and can change the way you think and feel about food and how the body will assimilate it. Your brain is constantly talking to your gut and when mindful eating is initiated, so our your gastric juices which will allow for faster and easier break down of food and therefore more nutrients to be absorbed, leading to a instantly increased health.

Ian Hart is creator of EarthFIT Transformation Systems and co-creator of the Back Pain Relief4Life Formula. Contact him at or 800.718.7FIT.