Happy New Year, Beaufort


By Cherimie Crane Weatherford

Like a clean kitchen, a blank piece of paper, and sheets from the dryer, the New Year lends a sense of potential seasoned perfectly with hope and intention. We began 2011 with a cautionary step inherited from the difficulty of 2010. Instead of shock and awe of the destructive path of the economy or the disbelief that one may need to reconsider a budget founded on frivolous frolics, we met 2011 with a Monday mentality of getting the job done or even getting through the day. In 2011, we accepted the challenges begrudgingly, but accepted nonetheless. No longer crying in our cappuccinos, moaning in our mochas, we pulled up our well-worn bootstraps and ran through the mine field dodging and swaying the shrapnel from years of indulgence. We laughed at the scrapes, bandaged the wounds, and roared victoriously at free parking.
Now battered, bruised, and stronger than ever, most of us crawl forward with a sense of accomplishment knowing that, indeed, we survived. No longer cloaked in dismay, we faced 2011 with the knowledge that there is no substitute for hard work, diligence, and friends with wine. The pundits no longer shocked us with financial predictions or woes of economical waves; we shrugged our shoulders and faced the day. Akin to a secret society, a fraternity, even a bridge club, we recognize the members of the survival class without the need for a special handshake, membership card, or lettered ring. Just a nod, a glance, or a sigh signifies a common bond of those who accepted the obstacles and forged on determined remain afloat.
Congratulations, y’all, we made it through another year! After the tumultuous training of two years in the trenches, we greet 2012 with the beautiful shield of experience. Neither the economical roller coaster nor the impetuousness of government can surprise us now. Our Christmas trees come down as our spirits lift up; we made it — some with more grace than others. Many of us slide in at the finish holding on for dear life. Some of us carry others, some even crawl; either way we are all  here now prepared for the start of a new year, a new race, new challenges, and new things we wish we hadn’t put on Facebook.
Cheers to each of you. May the new year bring forth a new perspective, a new adventure, an attitude of resilience and a sense of humor when all else fails. Regardless of your personal battle in 2011 — whether it was financial, familial, or the simple distaste for your current station in life — you did it. You are now prepped and primed for whatever direction you choose. Happy 2012, Beaufort.

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