Handy partners lend a helping hand

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By Lee Scott

As I was leaving my house recently to take Brandy for her grooming appointment, I opened the front door and a bird flew in and up the staircase. 

My spouse jumped up from his chair and said, “Shut the door there is a bird in the living room.” 

Uh oh, that meant there were two birds in the house. As I began to shut the front door the first bird flew out. Now my husband only had to deal with just one bird.  Evidently the birds had been perched on the Christmas wreath hanging on the front door. So, I unhooked it and flung it down on the grass. Then I put Brandy in the car, got in, and drove down the street.  

It wasn’t until I was halfway through the neighborhood when it dawned on me that possibly my mate might want assistance. Now I know I have blonde hair, but that is not the reason it took me so long to have this revelation. The truth was I was more focused on getting Brandy to her hair appointment on time.

I hesitated though to call him and ask if he needed my help. You see, my spouse is a very competent male. If there is something I need done around the house, he can do it.  

When the screen on the back door was ripped, he repaired it.  When the sink was clogged, he fixed it. There are numerous tasks that I just assume he can do because he is that kind of guy. 

So sometimes when I ask him if he needs help his response is something like: “What, don’t you think I can do it myself?” Or at the other end of the spectrum the response is: “I’ve been waiting for you to offer some help.” 

So here is the conundrum: Does he want my help or not?

I decided to call anyway. His response was: “Yes, why don’t you come back.”

But as I drove up to the house he was standing there with his phone. “I was just going to call you. The bird is out.”

I knew he could do it on his own.

“How did you do it?” I asked.

“I turned off all the lights inside the house, turned on the front porch light and opened the front door. The old phrase ‘Go to the light!’ came to mind. The bird flew out and joined his partner in the holly tree.”

Things got back to normal that day. Brandy looked well groomed, the birds were chirping in the tree, the Christmas wreath was in the trash and the house had a mild scent of Pine Sol throughout.  

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