Great inventions


By Lee Scott

Looking around our environment one cannot help but notice all the wonderful inventions that have been developed over the past one hundred and fifty years. An important one that comes to mind right now as the summer heat approaches is our air conditioning systems. We can thank Willis Carrier who is credited for developing modern air conditioning. Of course, where would we be with out the electricity to power those air conditioners? It was Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla that ultimately got the credit for transmitting electricity to our homes.

Yes, there are a host of inventions that help improve our quality of life like refrigerators, ovens and cars. But one of my personal favorite inventions that have made my life easier is the Post- it notes. Developed by 3-M, it has morphed into a world wide product. Come on, don’t deny it. You use the Post-it notes too. I see them on the dashboards of cars sitting in parking lots. Little yellow squares pasted on the windshield with reminders, “Pick up kids at school” or “Drop off a dozen cupcakes before work” or my favorite “Get your prescription”. We use them because we are busy and they can be attached anywhere.

I confess to listing chores and posting them at various spots throughout the house. “Grocery store” says the one on my refrigerator. “Fuel” says the one staring up at me on the steering wheel of my car. I know, the car has that little fuel tank with a warning sign saying I am getting low on fuel. But when you have a diesel car it means you can still drive another few days.

Ask busy sales people who spend their days in a car and they will tell you that the Post-it notes cover their dash boards too. Even though the new smart phones can take notes, that service might not be too reliable when the battery runs out. Of course, then you have to use a Post-it note on the phone – “Charge me”. I suppose that someone might argue that things like vaccinations against diseases are more important than a Post-it note, but if you do not have a reminder to get the vaccination, then you are out of luck.

My daughter recently presented me with a scrapbook of pictures, letters and poetry from when she was growing up. There in the scrapbook were pages filled with Post-it notes that I had put in her lunch bags. “I love you.” “Hang in there.” “I’m still your friend.” Words that she needed in the middle of the day. Little yellow squares with words of love and encouragement.

So say what you may about the greatest inventions like dishwashers, micro-waves and lawnmowers; yes, they make our lives easier. But the Post-it notes are the things that keep us moving.

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