Goodbye BowWOW!


By Lee Scott

Tracie Korol who had been writing a column for The Island News called “BowWow” recently left Beaufort for Portland, Oregon. I will miss her articles. . I found them interesting because I have dogs and her articles always seemed relevant to what was going on with my two canines. Tracie would write about healthy dog treats to give your dogs;  oils that help dogs with digestion issues;  non toxic flea and tick alternatives but above all else she reminded us that dogs are our friends and need lots of love.

I thought of her this week when I picked up my twelve year old cocker spaniel who had just had some minor surgery. He has been with me since he was eight weeks old. I named him George Bailey, the character in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I call him  Bailey most of the time, but George Bailey when he is misbehaving.

Bailey came into my life after both my kids had left the house. Suddenly, the front of the refrigerator was bare; no more school calendars or “save the date” reminders. No book bags or gym bags lying near the back door. There was actually food in the refrigerator because there was no one was snacking at all hours of the day and night. The silence in the house was deafening. And so, I went looking for a dog and found Bailey. He has been a good friend through his twelve years. He was with me through my back injury and subsequent surgery. Although normally not in my bed with me, I found him tucked next to my leg every morning, purring as if to help heal me.

When my husband and I got married, my dog slowly migrated to the other side of the bed. His attachment to my husband was understandable since they could go to work together everyday. My husband had his own business and Bailey loved following him around everywhere. It wasn’t long before he became my husband’s dog. But like a child, when Bailey is sick, he is my dog again. It was me who spent the night on the couch next to his doggie bed after his surgery. I am the one with the medicine, the bandages and the calming voice.

Then this morning, he finally felt like his old self. When my husband opened the garage door to start a project, Bailey was with him. As I watch this twelve year old dog scramble like a young puppy to go after my husband I hope I can take some of Tracie’s advice. Feed him healthy food, make sure he gets regular exercise and love the heck out of him. Thanks for all the great suggestions, Tracie. Enjoy Portland!

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