Good weather keeps Mossy Oaks work on track

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The Mossy Oaks Stormwater Project remains on schedule and on budget thanks, at least in part, to good weather, according to the latest update from Mossy Oaks Multijurisdictional Drainage Task Force Chair Neal Pugliese, Col. USMC, Ret.

Basin 1 

The coffer dam in the vicinity of Rodgers Drive has been removed. The concrete wall caps covering the steel sheet pile wall are about 300 feet from completion.

Work on Jane Way has been finished, and the footbridge at the west end of the Duck Pond has been built while awaiting connection to the soon-to-be-constructed sidewalk. All drainage continues to function exactly as designed, and it should continue to improve.

Next week, the tidal flap gates will be calibrated and activated, which will act as a tide regulator particularly during extreme weather events. This will significantly reduce opportunities for flooding in all cases except for major hurricanes.

Battery Creek Road and First Blvd. will continue to be improved, and the Spanish Moss Trail will be graded and prepared for the installation of a new concrete walkway. Once the concrete is installed and the entire trail inspected, the Spanish Moss Trail will be reopened for bike and pedestrian traffic.

The Spanish Moss Trail between Rodgers and Broome is expected to reopen by Feb. 1.

Basin 2 

The contractor will be here in approximately two weeks to complete finishing items in the Broad Street area. This work should take about five days to complete. The drainage system in the Broad Street and Battery Creek area is completely functional and operating as designed.

The coffer dam from Basin 1 is being installed in Basin 2 in the vicinity of Riverside Drive. This will create the dry conditions allowing workers to install three massive headwalls, and three 60-inch drainage pipes with tidal flap gates. Once those items have been completed, a concrete wall cap will be installed, and the Spanish Moss Trail will be repaved and returned to its original condition.

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