Golf camp is so much more

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By Reed Weatherford

As we rapidly approach the summer months, we welcome the onset of golf camps. This is always one of my favorite times of the year. It’s an amazing thing to see the spark of curiosity turn to a fire for such a complex game. Excitement builds at the sight of a shimmering mound of golf balls in front of students as they rush to hit them as fast as they can. The kids I am lucky enough to teach are one of the biggest reasons I love, and continue to love, doing what I do each day. Of course it’s fun to play in tournaments; however, the gratification from watching a young person recognize a new ability is miles above anything else I encounter in my career.

The camps I do each year are a blast as much for me as golf’s newest fans. The age range varies from 4 to 13. Along with different ages comes a vast array of skill levels. Some students come experienced while others arrive with no knowledge or exposure to golf whatsoever. That is warmly welcomed as it is exactly what the camps are designed to address. The goal is to teach and create a fun environment and to learn and grow to love, or at least appreciate, the game of golf. With many other choices for summer activities, adding golf to the list can teach etiquette, patience and strategy. Research your options, speak to your child and call a golf professional. We would love the opportunity to grow the future of our favorite game.

Reed Weatherford is the Head Golf Professional at Sanctuary Golf Club at Cat Island. He can be reaached at 843-524-0300 Ext 105 or

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