Garden-a-Day event coming June 6-10th

Photo above: Friday’s garden on Turtle Lane.

The Beaufort Garden Club’s 22nd annual Garden-a-Day event takes place the week of June 6-10. Every day, rain or shine from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., you can leisurely stroll through lovely private gardens guided by local Master Gardeners. This event is free to the public.

Monday’s garden on Federal St. in The Point, surrounds a home built in the 1800’s. The yard boasts a mature Victorian garden with many whimsical touches. A dancing yellow pig and a Toucan seemingly nestled in a tree are just two things that will make you smile. Live oaks protect 20 year old boxwood-bordered planting beds filled with glorious flowers. The side yard is an array of Cranium Lilies, Hydrangea, and planters overflowing with succulents, Crepe Myrtles, Angel Trumpets and more. The property is surrounded by flowering Dogwoods and Azaleas. The gardener’s objective: “a garden that doesn’t require a lot of work.”

Tuesday’s two Newpoint gardens offer beauty and creativity as well. The owner of one describes her garden as “a poor man’s version” of a southern style Victorian garden. This retired landscaper and Master Gardener was on the tour in 2013 with her Coosaw garden and this new, year-old garden is again filled with color and variety: Azaleas, Japanese Maples, Liriope, Camellias, vines, and twisting paths. The garden house in back is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the creative flower beds, archways, bird houses, bubbling bird baths and the lovely hardscape.

Across the street on Prescient Ave. is a garden surrounded by wrought iron fencing lined with an imposing banana tree, gingers of varying colors, Loropetalum and so much more. A brick pathway leads through the front and back garden and is highlighted by a large Heliotrope. The back features giant Farfugium, Bear’s Britches, Firespike and more. The front and back gardens are separated by an archway covered in sweet smelling Autumn Clematis. Both the home owners share in the work and beauty of this year-old garden.

Wednesday’s Ninth St., Port Royal garden is a “secret garden” of sorts. Two shotgun houses renovated by the owners shelter this tropical paradise. A large Orange Tree and Tea Olives grace the stone path which leads to huge Bananas trees and a brick fireplace with an inviting seating area. The garden is surrounded by ferns, Bamboo, and Fig trees. A planter spilling with Bilbergia (Queen’s Tears) will grab your attention along with hanging fern and Tiki huts for shade.

Thursday is the Heyward St. garden which has been a work in progress for two years by these hands-on gardeners. They cleverly use recycled materials and rescued chairs to serve as plant holders. A large stand of Bamboo is a striking feature as it rises above a Goldfish pond. The Fig tree outside of the kitchen window is lovely in all seasons with hanging crystals that sparkle in the sun. The driveway is lined with both whimsical art and Blueberry Bushes that produce pounds of luscious berries. Come see and be inspired.

Friday’s garden on Turtle Lane is a woodland wonder and a salute to 18 years of loving labor. The front is lined with Liriope and a Crinum Lily that’s as tall as it is wide. The shaded understory of the entire yard is graced with ferns, Azaleas and garden art that line the stone walkways. As you explore you’ll find a Climbing Hydrangea, a Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick (Corkscrew Hazelnut), Gloriosa Lilies, Camellias, and huge ferns hanging from the towering trees covering, in part, a Mondo Grass patio.

Admission to each garden is free of charge to the public.

Garden-a-Day locations
June 6 – 10th
9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Monday, June 6
315 Federal Street, Beaufort

Tuesday, June 7
27 Newpoint Rd. (Park in service alley behind 27 Newpoint Rd.), Lady’s Island
3 Prescient Ave., Lady’s Island

Wednesday, June 8
906 Ninth St., Port Royal

Thursday, June 9
417 Heyward St., Beaufort

Friday, June 10
12 Turtle Lane, Lady’s Island

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