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By Pamela Brownstein
I thought it appropriate that March 12 marked the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts during Women’s History Month. I was a Girl Scout for many years (well, technically, I was a Brownie and then graduated to the green garb) but during that time I learned many important skills — how to get out there and sell cookies, work with other girls (without being too bossy) and the adventures of camping (even if it was in a cabin).
My mom was the leader of our troop for seven years, and when she passed away in 2010, I received messages from almost every girl in Troop 419 telling me how much she meant to them and thanking me for those memories from elementary school.
The Girls Scouts as an organization is devoted to giving girls confidence, and our troop learned how to be active, engaged members of our community.
At a time when women have more choices, and with that more challenges, the positive message that the Girls Scouts represent is just as relevant as ever.
This emphasis on being a strong woman makes me proud to live in Beaufort: we have a history of electing women representatives (Harriet Keyserling, Shannon Erickson), and all over town there are inspiring women role models as business owners, working moms and community leaders.
Girl (Scout) Power!

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