FAQ as City changes to new trash pickup company

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On July 1, Capital Waste Services will begin to serve residents and businesses in the City of Beaufort for trash, yard debris and recycling pickups, replacing current provider Waste Pro.

The City has released a list of what will probably be common questions as the transition occurs to eliminate as many bumps in the process as possible.

When does the new service start?

Capital Waste will begin services on Thursday, July 1. Waste Pro will pick up trash through June 30.

When will I get new bins?

Capital Waste will deliver two new bins to each single-family home – a trash bin and recycling bin. It will take several days to deliver them all, but every home should have the new bins by July 1.

What happens to my old bins?

If your current bin has a Waste Pro logo on it, here is the plan:

Through June 30, put out recycling and trash as you would normally. Waste Pro will pick up your recycling. A second truck is scheduled to then pick up your recycling bin right after it has been emptied.

If your trash pickup day is Thursday and Friday of next week, put out your trash in the Waste Pro bin on Thursday or Friday, June 24 or 25. After it is emptied, Waste Pro will send a truck to pick up the empty container. The same will happen to homes that have Mon-Tues-Wed service on June 28-29-30.

Until July 1, do not use Capital Waste Services bins for your trash. Waste Pro will not empty them.

Leave your Waste Pro bins out by the curb until Waste Pro picks them up, even if it is a day or two after your final service.

If you still use a City of Beaufort garbage bin, leave those out as well after your last June use. Capital Waste Services will pick them up after July 1.

What about local businesses?

If you have a dumpster, that will stay. If you have a bin, Waste Pro should pick up the old ones on or before June 30 and Capital Waste will deliver you a new one before July 1.

Who do I call or email if my garbage isn’t picked up or if a bin hasn’t been removed from the curb after a few days?

Before July 1: Waste Pro, 843-645-4500. After July 1: Capital Waste Services, 843-757-2722.

Will my pickup days change from what they are now?

Currently, Capital Waste Services will keep trash pickup days the same as they are now. However, recycling pickups, which happen every other week, will now be the same day as your trash pickup. So, if your trash pickup day is Wednesday, your recycling day will be on every other Wednesday.

Monday, July 5, is the holiday for Fourth of July. Will garbage be picked up on July 5?

Yes. If Monday is your service day, then your trash will be picked up on Monday, July 5.

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