Eye Protection Tips

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With people now spending more time outside in sunshine, it’s important to be aware of eye care and damage prevention during the summer. Dr. Mamta V. Shah offers these important suggestions:

1. Avoid getting a “sunburn of the eye” or around the eyes by wearing sunglasses that are marked “100% UV protection.” Also, wear a broad-brimmed hat and apply proper sunscreen with “broad-spectrum” protection.

2. Hot, dry summers can affect the tear film and dry out the eye’s surface. Use preservative-free artificial tears to keep the eyes moist.

3. Prioritize your eye safety! When you’re spending time outside to mow the lawn or play catch, make sure to wear protective eyewear! This is made of polycarbonate material that is shatter resistant.

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Dr. Mamta V. Shah was born and raised in New York. She graduated magna cum laude from Boston University and completed her medical degree at the same institution. This was followed by a residency in Ophthalmology at SUNY Downstate. She then completed an Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship at Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh.