Expecting Mothers and Massages

By Megan Feight

Pregnancy is a beautiful and wonderful time in a woman’s life — nine transformative months full of excitement, planning and peering at the unfolding life inside. But all of these changes challenge, stress and wreck havoc on a woman’s body. Mood swings, body aches, depression, breast pain, nausea, joint pain, heart burn, swollen legs and ankles plague women during this time of rapid growth and transformation. Pregnancy massage is a comforting and soothing option for expectant mothers.

Many women may view massage as a pampering luxury for special occasions only. Let’s remove that notion and look at what physically happens inside our body during and after a massage, and we will begin to understand that massage is more than a luxury but a crucial outlet to gain health, well being and mental clarity.

A recent study from the Touch Institute of Miami, Fla., indicates that massage provides more than just symptom relief for mothers. A group of 26 pregnant women were given either massage or another form of relaxation therapy during a five-week study. In addition to reduced anxiety and stress, sleep problems and back pain, the group that received massage had fewer complications in their deliveries. Their newborns also had fewer post-natal complications. Amazing!

Therapeutic pregnancy massage is beneficial through out the entire nine months. However, it is best to consult with your obstetrician before receiving a massage and absolutely necessary if your pregnancy is considered high risk, if you have had a history of miscarrying or if you are carrying multiples.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage


• Enhances the oxygen level in your blood by 10-15%, therefore delivering more nutrient rich blood to the placenta.

• Diminishes feelings of nausea.

• Eases postural changes by softening muscles that restrict movement and cause misalignment.

• Reduces or eliminates sciatic pain.

• Enhances the pliability of skin and underlying tissue, reducing the likelihood of stretch marks.

• Reduces levels of stress hormones which provides a host of health benefits in itself such as decreased anxiety

• Promotes relaxation, helping reduce insomnia or difficulty sleeping.



Megan Feight is a licensed massage therapist of 5 years. She can be reached at 843-271-3509 or beaufortmassage@hotmail.com.


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