Evacuation was important to people … and pets

By Lee Scott

We have one of those dogs that has sad sappy eyes. She always looks like she is ready to fall asleep, except when she spots a bird or a squirrel. Then she perks up and we get to watch about 45 seconds of liveliness before she stretches out again.

Because of her almost lackadaisical attitude, it was interesting to see her reaction to our recent evacuation preparation.

When we started, it did not seem to affect her. She opened her eyes occasionally to watch me load items into canvas bags to be put in the car. Once she got up to watch me move patio furniture.

But for the most part she appeared bored, until I pulled out the dog canvas bag. This is the dedicated travel bag I use for dog food and treats, disposable bags, and of course, dog toys.

All of a sudden, “Miss, I’m having a nap. Don’t bother me” started to pay attention. As I walked around collecting books, phone chargers and flashlights, she was suddenly right behind me. I could almost hear her “Food! Mom. Dog food.”  When I saw her heading to the laundry room to retrieve some toys, I knew it was time to fill her bag.

I began to load the Alpo and a plastic container of dry food, plus her favorite doggie treats and a small travel bed.  When my spouse noticed her lying in the middle of the kitchen with three favorite toys around her, he called me and said, “Come here and look at this dog. What is up with her?”

“I guess she thought I would forget her toys.” I said and proceeded to pick them all up and placed them in the travel bag. After I was sure I had everything, I put the bag in the hallway next to our suitcases.

The morning we were evacuating, she went back and forth between the bags and the car making sure that her bag was also placed in the trunk. As we were getting our coffee and bagels to leave she looked up with those sad eyes and I realized I had forgotten her water bowl. I grabbed the bowl and the leash and said “Come on girl. Let’s get out of here.”

Out she came running, and you would have thought I was a squirrel.

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