Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

By Takiya Smith
We’ve all seen her, maybe even know her, possibly could be her — the beauty who lives on your block, the fashionista in your book club or the fabulously fresh looking mom in your son’s Cub Scout troop. Her hair is perfect, her nails are polished and her makeup is flawless. She’s dressed to impress, her shoes are stylish and she’s got a handbag to match every outfit in the room. Her step is sure, her confidence is magnetizing and she’s got a smile that outshines the sun. Who is that woman? That fabulous, gorgeous, beautiful woman we sometimes find ourselves secretly hating because she is beautiful.
Well, my friends, have no fear because the doctor is in! You see, I’ve got a bit of medicine for you today. The dose is a huge one and it’s gonna taste pretty bitter, but as long as you follow my instructions, in no time you will be cured of this horrid, ill-fated and widespread epidemic. The cause of most our known and unknown idiosyncratic behaviors lies buried within our own desires to pull off what “the beauty” is already doing. She looks good, meaning she has taken the time to pay homage to the most important person in her life: herself. Yes, she’s a wife, yes, she’s got kids and yes, she’s got a life, however, “the beauty” recognizes that she must come first.
As a single mother of two, a full time student, and a business owner, working in the beauty industry allows no leniency on my behalf in regard to my appearance but has all the more caused me to step up to the plate when it comes to desiring to be “the beauty.” Insert being the locally recognized beauty columnist at any given drive thru in Beaufort (that’s a whole other article) and I totally forfeit all rights to walk out my house with a split end, chipped fingernails, sweat pants and flip flops ever again. The point is, I as well as the next woman can and should make time to fuss over themselves. My day starts at 5:30 a.m. just to give myself that extra time. You deserve to be the woman that every other woman wants to be like.

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