Do you make mistakes? Welcome to the human race


By Lee Scott

Recently I attended a dinner and was seated next to a woman who kept reaching to the back of her shirt during the speaker’s presentation. I assumed she was concerned her tag was sticking out.

After leaning over and assuring her the tag was indeed hidden, she looked at me and said, “It wasn’t the tag I was worried about. I wanted to make sure the shirt wasn’t inside out.”

At which point I burst out laughing. Oh, how many times I have worried about the same thing!

“Welcome to the human race!” I said to her.

We all think everyone else is so put together, only to discover we all do embarrassing things.

After our speaker had finished, I told her I had recently seen a movie called “Bad Moms.” At one point in the movie, other mothers started to confess some of the “bad” things they had done as mothers. It was hysterical, but great because although the mothers all thought that the “other” mothers were doing everything right, it turned out that none of them were perfect.

It was not long before we started to share silly and embarrassing things we have done over the years.

I told her about the time the Pilates teacher informed me that my pants were on inside out. Others at the table heard us laughing and joined in with their own stories.  We discovered some typical “faux pas” like driving by the Convenience Center with trash still in the back seat or calling someone by the wrong name.

Some admitted to leaving groceries out in front of the store and driving home without them. One woman said she had put cumin in her cookie batter instead of cinnamon. There was the experienced boater who found himself sitting on a sandbar because he wasn’t paying attention.

The dinner that night was especially entertaining. It was a great reminder we are not all perfect.

This might be a good thing to remember for the coming year.

Stop beating yourself up for not being dressed right for an occasion; or coming on the wrong night for a party; or for re-gifting a present to someone who had given it to you the previous year.

Lighten up. You are part of the human race, a good thing to remember as we enter 2017.

Happy New Year!

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