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Protein flatulence refers to excessive or smelly flatulence that a person may experience on a protein-rich diet. While many people may attribute the gas to protein, there is no evidence to support this. While some proteins may worsen the smell, an increase in flatulence may instead be due to nonprotein components such as sugars, starches, and fiber.

Some people may believe that eating more protein can increase flatulence. However, the existing scientific literature suggests a more nuanced picture. While consuming certain proteins can influence the smell of gas, any increases in flatulence are more likely due to foods containing carbohydrates that are difficult for bacteria in the gut to break down.

There is little scientific research to suggest high protein diets may cause someone to experience greater flatulence. Instead, an increase in flatus may be due to the diet including more carbs that can increase gas. However, other evidence notes that digesting certain proteins may cause flatulence to have a more pungent smell.

If a person notices other abdominal symptoms, such as pain, bloating, and diarrhea, this may indicate a potential intolerance to certain foods. It may be advisable to identify the causative foods and try to reduce or eliminate them from the diet.

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