Dentures don’t have to be cheap to be affordable

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By Dr. Stephen Durham

When you need dentures, you don’t have to compromise to find a solution you can afford. Quality, custom dentures are within reach for most anyone.

However, jumping to a same-day solution can mean regret, discomfort, and a fit that reminds you all the time that you’re not using your own teeth.

Avoiding this disappointment just takes a little planning.

Your options are greater than you might think.

The variety of dentures available today is unprecedented, so an excellent fit can also fit the patient’s budget. And the results from across the cost spectrum can still be a breakthrough in the patient’s appearance.

Not only are the teeth brilliant, even and straight, but the patient’s whole face is brighter from a new sense of well-being.

A great fit can mean more than good eating.

A properly fit pair of dentures can open up a new, pain-free life for many patients, too.

It starts with finding your jaw’s ideal alignment, and a properly equipped dental practice can do that now with digital efficiency.

Research suggests that 30 percent of adults suffer from TMD – temporomandibular disorder.

That’s a strain on the jaw and neck muscles caused by poor alignment of the jaw.

Twice that many people may have TMD and not know where the pain is coming from. It can show up as neck pain, poor posture and sleeps disorders, so TMD is sometimes called “the great pretender.”

With dental care that’s based on finding your own ideal bite, your new dentures can relieve TMD by aligning the jaw to relax all the muscles around it.

A little care can make a lot of difference.

Before seizing a same-day solution for dentures, consider better options. You can be rewarded with a lifetime of greater comfort, confidence and joy of living.

It starts with a thoughtful consultation at an up-to-date dental practice.

A call today can lead to a happier smile, sooner than you might have thought possible.

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