Decal program full implementation begins Nov. 1

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From staff reports

Beginning Monday, November 1, all Beaufort County Convenience Centers will require any County resident meeting the requirements, to show their decal.

Since its soft implementation in March, the Decal Program has saved residents nearly $400,000.

“The decal program has done what it was designed to do: stop illegal dumping by contractors and restrict citizens from outside the County from utilizing County services,” Beaufort County Solid Waste and Recycling Director Cindy Carter said in a release.

Almost 52,000 properties have registered for the new Convenience Center decal system, which began in October 2020. Citizens using the recycling bins at the Bluffton location (104 Simmonsville Rd) and Beaufort’s Shanklin location (80 Shanklin Rd) do not need a decal.

Residents without decals will be turned away by Convenience Center staff.

“Many have found the program to be easy and efficient. You can sign up online, and you are issued a sticker decal and a digital decal that can be used on your phone or printed,” Carter said. “Our team has been working tirelessly to help citizens that are having trouble registering and did specific outreach to heirs property owners.”

If you applied for a decal and have not received it, there is a problem with the information received on the original application. For inquiries about the status of your decal application, visit or call 843-255-2930.

If you have not applied for a decal, please submit your information at

Reminders for the new decal system:

Visits will be limited to 3 per week per address (Sunday-Saturday).

Renters of single-family homes should request the decal from property owners.

Citizens who rent from large apartment complexes will use the trash service provided by the complex; for large items, they should go to the landfill.

Commercial properties are not eligible for a decal.

Commercial business owners are not eligible for a decal.

County residents who choose not to apply for a decal can make arrangements for an individual from a permitted waste hauler of their choice and at their own expense.

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